Window and Door Fabrication for Rural Schools

Location: Mirebalais, Maissade, Leogane, Jacmel in Haiti
Year: 2010- 2011
Client: Various
Type: Fabrication
Collaborators: Craftsmen from La Plaine and Jacmel

Studio Drum Collaborative fabricated window and door panels made of bamboo and woven grass for five schools in the rural areas of Haiti: École de Choix and École de Nicholas in Mirebalais; École de Ceverine in Maissade; École d’Embouchure in Leogane and École La Dignité in Jacmel.

In the first four projects, we worked with artisans from La Plaine and used a grass called “lychee”. We fabricated bamboo window and door panels for the fifth project, École La Dignité, a small private primary school in Jacmel. We worked closely with artisans in Jacmel and used makinoi, an indigenous type of bamboo that is resistant to water and bugs.