Studio Drum Collaborative is an architecture studio founded by Hervé Sabin in 2010. At Studio Drum Collaborative, principles of innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility are translated into the design of contemporary spaces that take into account the material and climatic characteristics of the project site.

Our firm makes it a duty and enthusiastic venture to tackle each project as an opportunity to contribute to the urban fabric or rural landscape of the project site. Material fabrication and experimentation are essential to our architectural practice. We believe in an interactive and collaborative design process that is structured around collaborations/partnerships with international and local professionals in the building industry. We create architecture that is sustainable to its inhabitants through functionality, structural integrity and long-term viability.



Hervé Sabin


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal Architect

Hervé Sabin is the Director of Studio Drum Collaborative. After working for various architectural practices in New York as both Project Architect and Designer, Hervé founded an organization in 2006 called The Rural Haiti Project, which provided arts and crafts workshops to children and young adults in Haiti’s rural areas. His experience at The Rural Haiti Project led him to Haiti’s architectural scene, paying close attention to how the utilization of local materials and the tradition of apprenticeship hone the artisans’ craftsmanship. Hervé established Studio Drum Collaborative in 2010 with École de Choix in Mirebalais, Haiti as his first accomplished project.

Hervé received his Professional Degree of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in 1998 and, in 2001, his Master’s Degree of Architecture from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design. His work has been exhibited at the College of New Rochelle’s Castle Gallery for his design entry in the Ideas Competition for Davis Island in 1997. Hervé’s design entry for the 2001 Little Haiti Housing Competition was also exhibited at Florida International University in Miami.