Ecole de Choix

Location: Mirebalais, Haiti
Year: 2011
Client: The School of Choice Education Organization/FATEM
Type: Educational Facility

Located in the rural area of Boyer in Mirebalais, École de Choix is a primary school administered by the Illinois non-profit, The School of Choice Education Organization. The school provides quality education to over three hundred Haitian children from less fortunate families.

Studio Drum Collaborative designed the school campus to integrate simple concrete, module unit classroom buildings within a vast grassy landscape, using earthy paint colors and twined wetland grass for window and door panels. The École de Choix campus uses building methodologies that take into account site conditions, local materials and user experience, representing a perfect example of Studio Drum Collaborative’s principles of architectural practice in Haiti.

Architectural Collaborators: Colin Montoute, Albert Betesh, Sarah Avvedimiento
Structural Engineer: Matt Sisul
Landscape Design: Martin Barry
General Contractor: YCF Group SA