Le Complexe de Turgeau

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Year: In Progress
Client: Episcopal Diocese
Type: Mixed-Use

Le Complexe de Turgeau is a mixed-use development project commissioned by the Episcopal Diocese to sustain its activities in Haiti and provide short-term housing to guests and visitors. The complex will consist of three apartment buildings of 10 units each, a 34-room guesthouse, a supermarket and the Bishop’s residence. Located in the outskirts of downtown Port-au-Prince, the neighborhood of Turgeau is becoming an attractive residential area for young professionals.

Studio Drum Collaborative’s designs aim to push forward the area’s urban “midtown” atmosphere, which ranges from modest homes and restaurants to the Digicel high-rise and the new Marriot Hotel. The complex will provide a peaceful haven for its residents who will enjoy easy access to grocery shopping and a restaurant space for casual meetings with friends.