École Sainte-Trinité

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Year: In Progress
Client: Episcopal Diocese
Type: Educational Facility

Studio Drum Collaborative has been commissioned to design and reconstruct École Sainte-Trinité, a historic elementary, secondary and trade school located in downtown Port-au-Prince. The elementary and secondary school will provide learning spaces for 1,000 students and the trade school, for 600 students.

The new design will consist of conventional classrooms yet will put an emphasis on extra-curricular spaces such as several gymnasiums, a library, an auditorium and the lobby spaces. This approach will encourage students to engage in various activities outside of the classroom, thus creating an environment for greater social growth and a higher quality of education. The overall building footprint will border an enclosed square with a courtyard. The roof terrace will also be accessible by the students and allow for panoramic views of downtown Port-au-Prince.